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Keep your business running with Dakota Cloud Recovery.

Our cloud data protection experts will design, deliver, monitor and manage your data protection solution including restoration of critical business data in case of a data outage or disaster. More than 5,000 backup sessions are managed daily through the Dakota Cloud. Dakota engineers are certified on leading enterprise technologies from Veeam, EVault, Asigra, VMware, Fortinet, HP, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, Nimble and others.. We design, test and build our cloud solutions from these leading technologies, so you don’t have to waste time evaluating the best solution combination. As a Dakota customer, you will have a support line directly to our data experts.

Dakota’s partner network of solution providers and value added resellers are trained on our data protection solutions. They have a escalation process working directly with our engineers as needed. You can have the peace of mind that your data is secure and safely protected within our Dakota Cloud.

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Skilled Dakota Cloud Technicians

Dakota Cloud data protection specialists augment your system administrator team.

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24x7 Direct Access to Cloud Data

Dakota Cloud provides direct access to your data and to our support team. your social media marketing partner

Cloud Data Protection Begins with Security

Cloud and Virtualization provides you with agility and efficiency to instantly roll-out new applications and IT services for users. But the lack of physical control, or defined entrance and egress points, bring a whole host of security issues – data co-mingling, privileged user abuse, snapshots and backups, data deletion, data leakage, geographic regulatory requirements, cloud super-admins are all difficult IT security and data management challenges. Dakota Cloud Recovery has data management and cloud security experts on staff. We protect your data through our SSAE 16 compliant data centers that are fully secured. Dakota implements Federal Information Processing Standards 140-2 (FIPS 104-2) approved AES Encryption, Random Number Generator, Digital Signatures, and HMAC. FIPS is a US federal standard for governmental agencies and is specifically called out in HIPAA regulations. Your data is safely protected through AES 256-bit encryption and enterprise key management features. Our secured cloud solutions control user access, monitor and validate protected data, and support secure single and multi-tenancy.

SData Protection Challenges

Data Replication & Lack of Visibility

Snapshots and backups are taken daily, or even hourly, and automatically stored. Do you know where they’ve been stored, or who can move and copy them? Keeping track of critical files and data copies is not easy. Dakota Cloud can help you track and manage your protected data.

Data Backup & Administration

Backups are kept and managed by the backup administrator who may or may not be the storage administrator. What happens when one or both of them are no longer in your company? How long does it take to hire and train a new admin? Dakota Cloud has a large team of data protection specialists that will always be there.

Data Security Challenges

New Class or Privileged Users

Virtualization and cloud computing require cooperation between security, storage, server, application, and cloud security admins – all with access to your most sensitive data. With this number of people, the risks of failing an audit, or an admin going rogue, grow exponentially.

Securing Your Virtual Environment

In minutes, a disgruntled employee can load an entire virtual machine onto a thumb drive. Virtual data is easily lost or exposed as it moves between VMs or in the cloud. Can you prove that authorized users are accessing your data within their defined policies? Can you secure your virtual environment? Dakota Cloud securely protects your data across physical and virtual environments.

Free IT Whitepaper

Free IT Whitepaper

This whitepaper will evaluate the differences between traditional technical support practices and modern managed IT practices and the pros and cons of both in regards to small and medium-sized businesses.

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