Data Protection In The Cloud: The Basics

Understanding your options for moving backup, disaster recovery or business continuity processes to the cloud can be confusing. Here's a primer. What is data protection in the cloud? This isn't an easy question to answer, since it comes in various fo... your social media marketing partner
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State CIOs List Security as Top Priority for 2015

CIOs at federal departments and agencies may have their hands full as they grapple with a bevy of mandates and government-wide initiatives to modernize their IT deployments, but state CIOs are carrying a heavy load, as well. The National Association ... your social media marketing partner
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Cloud Data Protection is ready For Your Business

Data Protection has been a staple of IT organizations for decades.  Businesses must backup their data and design IMPLEMENTABLE data recovery plans in case of downtime or god forbid; a real disaster. With the impact of global warming and the effe... your social media marketing partner
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Colorado State University Global Campus Selects Dakota Cloud Recovery for Offsite Data Backup and Recovery

Zunesis, a leading  IT solutions provider successfully partnered with Dakota Cloud Recovery to design and deliver an enterprise-class cloud data protection solution for Colorado State University.  More than 7,000 students rely on student ap... your social media marketing partner
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The Channel and the Cloud: Dispelling the Myth of Demise

Neuralytix believes that not only can the channel and the cloud co-exist but that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Instead of a confrontational situation it is a symbiotic relationship Read the Research Note . your social media marketing partner
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